The project is located in Khoklin, Hangdewa, Sawadin, and Phurumbu Village Development Committee (VDC) in Taplejung District. Geographically the project area lies between longitude 87°40'18"E to 87°42'40" and latitude 27°23'57" to 27°27'09"N. The headworks is located at Phurumbu and Sawadin VDC.

The project area lies in the Higher Himalayan and Lesser Himalaya, which is characterized by highly rugged relief with extremely varied topography. The altitude varies from 740 m at Thumbadovan to 3795 m at high peak of Pathivara.

The nearest roadhead for the Project site is Phungling, the district headquarters of Taplejung which is 235 km from the East-West highway point at Charali, Jhapa District. This road is also referred to as 'Mechi Highway' and is a double lane black-topped road. A new earthen/tractorable road from Phungling to Olangchungola is being constructed as the 'Olangchungola Road Project’ and will be eventually connected to the Chinese border in Tibet. This road passes through the Project site.

The Project site is accessible using an all weather road (i.e. black topped) from Charali (Jhapa district) along the East West Highway up to Phunling Bazaar, the headquarters of Taplejung district via Ilam Municipality of Ilam district and Phidim Bazaar of Panchtar district. The nearest roadhead for the project is Phunling, which is approximately 235 km North from Charali (Jhapa district). The project’s headworks at Mitlung village is about three hours of walking distance from Phunling, whereas the powerhouse site at Thumbadovan village is about 2.5 hours of walking distance from Phunling. There is also an airport at Suketar, about 4 km form Phunling, but the flights are not regular.


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