Construction Progress in Hydro-mechanical Works

The Contract for Hydro-mechanical (HM) works has been awarded to Machhapuchhre Metal and Machinery Works (P) Ltd. The HM works were started from August 2019 from headworks of Middle Tamor Hydropower Project. Till date erection of radial gate frame has been completed. The frame up to the elevation of 888.00 amsl has been completed on all the piers (i.e. left, middle and right side pier). Erection of undersluice stoplog frame is completed. Hoisting pin at all the three piers has been embedded. Installation of bedload sluice gate and stoplog frame has also been completed. The Main Civil Contractor has already completed the second stage concreting works at lintel parts of Intake gate and also the erection of guide track for intake gate has been completed. Fabrication of steel plate for extension of bed load sluice culvert has been completed by the HM Contractor and the erection process has been going on along with the welding process.

The steel lining on the bottom surface of undersluice has been completed. Re-coffering will be required in the next dry season to complete the work. The weir construction has been planned in the dry season of 2021 and the preparation for the third stage cofferdam at upstream section of the weir is ongoing.

Similarly, the rolling machine required at workshop has been installed and is already in operation. The steel plates required for penstock pipe/ approach pipe could not be imported from Indian factory and transported to the site earlier due to the lockdown imposed by the government. When the plates were finally transported to the site, the fabrication works resumed. Till date, a total of 96 pipes has been rolled and welded.

HM Progress in different Structures

  1. Undersluice
    1. Steel lining: Installation of steel lining complete except for Undersluice breast wall part
    2. Undersluice Gate: Erection of gate frame is ongoing according to Civil Concreting Schedule
    3. Undersluice Stoplog: Erection of stoplog frame is ongoing according to Civil Concreting Schedule
  2. Intake
    1. Steel lining: All Complete
    2. Intake Gate: Ongoing according to Civil Concreting Schedule
    3. Trashrack: All complete, except for opining no 6 (due to the tower crane of the Civil Contractor)
  3. Bedload Sluice
    1. Steel  Lining: Fabrication of steel lining for the exit culvert is complete along with the erection
    2. Bedload Sluice Gate: Second stage embedded parts installation complete and is ready for concreting
    3.  Bedload Sluice Stoplog: Second stage embedded parts installation complete and is ready for concreting

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