The catchment area of Middle Tamor Hyropower Project is 2007 km2. The design discharge of the Project is 73.71 m3/s, which corresponds to 41.78% exceedance flow (design discharge corresponds to NEA requirements to meet the dry and wet season energy ratio of 15:85 while based at 40% exceedance flow). With a gross head of 94 m, the resulting installed capacity of the Project is 54 MW. The 72.5m long weir has its crest level at 860 m above mean sea level (amsl). The maximum height of weir crest from its original ground level is 11m which diverts the required flow to the Intake. Two undersluice gates maintain the design water level for intake and flush excessive deposits deposited in front of the intake area. Intake comprises of 4 openings, which guides the flow towards gravel trap and successively towards the settling basin. The 140 m long settling basin designed with 90% trap efficiency passes the clean water into the tunnel. About 1780m long tunnel (concrete lining and shotcrete) with finished diameter of 5.4m passes the design discharge to the penstock. Proposed penstock is of 4.5m internal diameter till the branching length of 215m after which three penstock pipes each of 2.6m internal diameter supplies the water to the powerhouse. Powerhouse is 47 m long and 26 m wide with the normal level at 766 m amsl. The tail water is channelized back to the Tamor River via 420 m long tailrace culvert. Three units each of 18 MW capacity is proposed to generate the designed output of 54 MW. Power evacuation from powerhouse is planned through 12km long 132 kV single circuit transmission line to Dungesanghu (Hangpang) Substation proposed by NEA.


Gross head                                          : 94 m

Design Discharge (at 41.7% PoE)      : 73.71 m3/s

Catchment area                                   : 2007 km2

Headrace Tunnel                                 : 1783 m

Turbine                                                : Three Francis units each of 18 MW rated output capacity

Total energy output (PPA)                  : 309.56 GWh

Transmission line                                 : 132 kV single circuit, 12 km in length to Hangpang substation

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