Construction Progress in Electro-mechanical Works

The design, fabrication, assembly, supply and installation of electro-mechanical work of MTHP are under the scope of the Contract with Chongqing Water Turbine Works. Co. Ltd. (CWTW), China. Under this scope CWTW is responsible for all electromechanical works starting from the end of penstock until the high voltage power line (220 kV) accommodating four units of vertical Francis turbine with all corresponding generating units, control and protection systems, battery backups, internal power consumption transformers, power transformers, excitation transformers, SCADA and communication system as per NEA’s grid code requirements, the overhead crane, butterfly valves for each unit feeding penstock.

Despite being properly planned, the EM Contractor (CWTW) has not been able to mobilize its equipment and human resources at site due to the lockdown both in China and Nepal. However, the design, fabrications and assembly works are being carried out at various factories in China. The Contractor has already started preparation for mobilization by obtaining necessary permits from Home Ministry of Nepal. First lot of EM equipment has already been dispatched from China.

Till date, the Construction design and drawings have been completed and reviewed by the Engineer (SHEPL). Also, manufacturing of all 4 draft tube elbows have been completed in the Contractor’s factory in China and being dispatched to Nepal, whereas manufacturing of Penstock Protection Valve and other equipment is in progress at various factories.

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